Adam O'Connor

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RUSTBUCKET is a trio comprised of players with vast musical experience. Needless to say they are all masters of more than just one style. With common ground from time in JJ and the Radio Souls and experience from other bands such as Lock n Load, Felicity Lawless and Redstarborn they have wide influences from Rockabilly to Blues to Jazz to Funk to Rock and beyond. With their roots in roots they love just playin' the music that has substance and winds up the crowd that comes to see that stuff. With such collective experience they can adapt to suit the room and audience so there's always variety.
Able to play the right stuff for a blues crowd, a dance crowd, a chill crowd or a pub-rock crowd, RUSTBUCKET keeps punters happy.
The Line up is; Adam O'Connor on vocals and Guitar, Reggie Leayr vocals and Bass Guitar, and powerhouse Matt Skea on the drums.
Visit the events tab of the Facebook page for a guide to their gigs.