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2013 onwards - Facebook took over my life so most music stuff has been updating there.  Lock n Load, JJ and The Radio Souls and now a new incarnation of Rustbucket. What next?
Sept 2018
Saturday 6th of April  at Diegos 6.30 -8.30pm

Friday the 5th of April at Harry's Diner with the Traffic Jammers. Playing Double Bass with Matt O'Connor on Lead Guitar, Steve King and Vocals Rhythm, Angie on BV's and Aaron on the kit. 6.30-9.30pm

Friday February the 22nd at Christopher's Fine Foods, Daisy Hill

Saturday February 16th with Jackson Smith at the Loft, Chevron Island.

Thursday February 14th at Serranos Beenleigh 6-8pm

Saturday February 9th at the Tempo Hotel Fortitude Valley with Jackson Smith




2013 -  Hoping to get Rustbucket off the ground. Get some gigs playing solo. Continue promoting gigs for young artists and finding more opportunities for them. Hopefully will record again and get closer to album #2.


2012 - Started the year by getting Andre East a gig at Diego's Cantina so he could develop his repertoire and ability to play long enough to get paid gigs. He took to it like a duck to water and soon I was able to add other students to the roster. Serranos  came on board too and Nielsen's Native Nursery decided to give us a go also. These 3 gigs have been running all year and Diegos and Serranos have expanded to 2 nights a week each. We've also started playing  at Christopher's Fine Foods and there are other gigs about to start. There are so many talented confident young people and I'm really happy and proud that this little idea has gained momentum is helping to serve these kids in a really useful way.


In the meantime, I got roped in to playing guitar in Phoenix Ensemble Theatre's production "I'm Too Sexy for the 90's", by my friend and Collegue Alex Burrie. I'm glad she asked me because it was heaps of fun and a new experience in a way. The show was basically a review with the band on stage and various acts coming out to sing and dance to our backing. There were probably 40 great tunes from the 90's and it was cool to revisit playing rock and pop and especially to get back on the electric guitar again with purpose. It was great fun but very time consuming. 5 weekends of shows plus 4-5 weeks of rehearsals prior.


Like a sucker for punishment, I took on another musical, this time as the Double bass player "Joe B Mauldin" in Buddy - the Buddy Holly Story.  For this I also had to say a few lines and move around in a few scenes but it wasn't real acting so it wasn't too hard. It was awesome fun playing the music and doing silly Bass tricks on stage. Full houses every night. Phoenix's best seller all year. We did an extra matinee and a preview and 3 shows at fetes for promotion. It was great fun but took up heaps of time for all that plus rehearsals. Over-comitted.


 While both of those shows were happening, I was also Musical director for Rivermount College's production of AIDA, the Tim Rice/Elton John version (not the opera). Rehearsing 4 hrs a week for the first half of the year was hard going to begin with as student musicians have variable sight reading ability and some of the charts were incorrect too which didn't help. Anyway, we pulled it together a few weeks before the performance season and by the time we opened, those kids were on fire. Many thanks to Mark Kroon also for his strong piano playing which helped lead things alot in the early days.

I produced another Riversounds CD this year, this time with 45 tracks on 3 discs and the inclusion of some staff members who are very talented. This project gets better and bigger each year. The concert at the end was great and looked and sounded brilliant.


I also entered the Generation One Creative Change competition again. Last year's success did not influence me at all and I was thinking we wouldn't enter this year as it's such a big project and too much else was happening. One of my students, Leah Castrission, had written something for a composition assignment in the end of 2011 which had potential for this competition. In collaboration with her, we wrote "Bridge the Gap" and recorded it and made the video with Darryn Swaby. It involved so many people and turned out so well. I am enormously proud of what we achieved and think it was even better than last year's entries. Sadly the judging panel must have liked other things more so we didn't get a mention but we are very happy with the look and sound of what we produced and it was very worthwhile.


On the side I've done a few gigs to fill in when Andre and others couldn't make it and that's been fun. I've been jamming at the 8 Mile with a bunch of blues musicians and hope to get a Blues band "Rustbucket" off the ground in 2013.

 I've been talking to new venues to widen the "circuit" as we have so many more students ready to make a start. It's all going pretty well. I'm going to try to have a cruisier 2013 though!

2011 - Started toying with recording solo stuff again. Recorded 4 tracks which I'm pretty happy with but will probably do again. No gigs except demos and workshops for Guitar Gym. Too busy to go looking. Produced the Riversounds 2010-2011 Double CD. Monumentally massive task but great result with nearly 40 fabulous tracks from recordings done in both years. Also entered the generation One creative change competition in two categories. For this we recorded our own version of their song Hands  Across Australia with multiple voices and choirs and I played all the instruments in the backing track except for drums which I arranged using loops. I also wrote an Original song "One Generation"  on which I played all the instruments (except drum loops) and recorded everyone who could sing in the school, including some staff. We then had to create a video clip for both entries. I flew to Townsville and then travelled to Our sister school in Innisfail to record some of their students and to shoot footage of them also.

The Original song "One Generation" came runner. It was a national competition and all of the winners and runners up were played on national TV and we won $1000 prize money for the school. a very proud moment. Have a look at the video page or other projects.

2010 - Moved house and focused on home mostly this year. played a couple of gigs here and there and still did Art on the Hill with Col McIntyre. Stayed pretty busy with work and helping other people  with their stuff. did a couple of workshops and Demo gigs for the Guitar Gym. No MD role for the Musical this year, just did sound - phew what a relief. Played once or twice with my brothers Rockabilly band switching between Bass and Guitar. Recorded another version of that band for them. Started Jamming with Ginger Fatts but didn't get anything off the ground.

2009 - Release of 2 Head City Album. Gigging regularly at Coffee Club Kenmore and less frequently elsewhere. Lost all that data with computer issues, oh well. stopped playing with covers band Drift. Worked towards Festival performances at Yungaburra Folk Festival. Had a great time there and met some very cool musos.